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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a family member or private aide accompany the passenger? 

Yes, we encourage it whenever possible. Our vans can accommodate 3-6 people including passenger.

Will I have to wait to be picked up when my appointment is over? 

No, our goal is not to have anyone wait for us, we will wait for you, wait time is built into your trip schedule. *exceptions for unforeseen traffic delays or appointment delays once at destination. 

 How will I get in to my appt? 

We will bring you in to your appointment and confirm with reception that we are at the right place, provide our contact information and then wait for you outside. 

 Do you clean vans in between rides? 

 Yes, we disinfect with Lysol or bleach based product or wipe in between rides and at the end of each day.

A letter from the owner

Dear Valued Customers, At Be Driven, the health and safety of our customers and drivers are our top priority. We have been closely monitoring the information coming out of the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the spread of COVID-19 cases.

We are aware that new cases in surrounding areas are causing concern and we want to make sure you know we are being vigilant in taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

To ensure your safety, we are cleaning our vans daily. We are also making sure each driver cleans and disinfects all passenger areas and frequently touched objects in the vehicle between each trip using a reputable brand of cleaning spray or wipe. We have supplied each driver with the cleaning products and have instructed them on how to disinfect the van. 

In addition, we continue to educate our drivers on proper hand hygiene and importance of constantly washing their hands. We are making sure our Be Driven office is constantly cleaned and disinfected and we have asked any driver who is sick to stay home.

We will continue to stay up to date on the facts surrounding the virus and will follow all state recommended precautions. Thank you for your continued support as we monitor this situation.

Darnell Latimer, Owner CEO

Be Driven LLC

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